Reflecting vs Refracting Telescope, What is the difference between Them?

Reflecting vs Refracting Telescope While telescopes might all seem similar to the casual observer, those in the know realize that there are big differences between reflecting and refracting telescopes.

Differences were immediately apparent when the reflecting telescope was first conceived. It doesn’t matter if it’s a homemade reflecting telescope or the largest reflecting telescope.

The differences will be apparent in the degree of clarity and image quality in the two very different telescopes.

While each type of telescope has its advantages, no one telescope is perfect. Each type will allow you to see different things.

Optical Construction

The immediate difference between the two types of telescopes is the optical construction of reflecting and refracting telescopes.

The names of the telescopes themselves give you a clue as to how these telescopes are constructed.

A reflecting telescope is made up of a series of mirrors that reflect light rays.

Reflecting telescopes can be used to view brighter planets and stars in astronomy. A refracting telescope, on the other hand, is made up of lenses that refract light rays.

The best way to see a wide variety of astronomical sights is to reflect and refract telescopes.

Having both reflecting and refracting telescopes on hand will allow you to see more stars and planets.

Choosing A Refractor

After considering reflecting and refracting telescopes, you may decide that the best option for you is a refracting telescope.

Choosing this type of telescope will allow you to do daytime viewing. Fitting your refracting telescope with an image rectifier will give you better daytime viewing.

Another plus of using a refracting telescope is that you will see the stars and planets in greater detail. A refracting telescope also allows you to see things in greater contrast, and you will see higher emissions of light through this kind of telescope.

This is a great telescope to start with, as it will allow you to identify familiar stars easily. It is a brighter telescope than a reflecting telescope.

If, on the other hand, you decide that between reflecting and refracting telescopes, you would prefer a reflecting telescope, then this also has other advantages. A reflecting telescope will allow you to see galaxies and nebulae, and other lower light objects.

If you would like to start astronomical photography, choosing a reflecting telescope is probably the best option. It depends on what you would like to use your telescope for.

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