Astronomers, both professional and amateur, have seen the starry canvas as the key to the universe.

There are lots of telescope brands and manufacturers on the market at the moment.

When deciding what sort of telescope you should buy there are some key questions to ask.

How much do you want to spend? How often are you going to use a telescope? Where do I want to use your telescope?

Which type of telescope is right for you? There are three main categories for telescopes: refracting, reflecting, and catadioptric.

Which brand do I go for? Orion, Zhumell, Meade, Celestron, Takahashi, Bushnell or Tasco.

What accessories do you need? There’s plenty of accessories you can add to your telescope, including lenses, eyepieces, filters, and mountings.

Having answered these questions you should hopefully know where to start with buying your telescope.